Posted by: Minna Aslama Horowitz | December 14, 2012

Recap of 11.12.: Defining the Undefinable

2012-12-11 13.34.16 OUTCOMES… DO YOU AGREE? 

“You can’t build an online community, you can search for and find them.” (E.g., the case of Scoopinion)

You can’t categorize online communities pertaining to their mission or focus. Often they are multi-purpose, changing.

There’s a difference between communities that are using digital tools — and communities based on online digital

“Maybe we shouldn’t talk about communities anymore.” Perhaps the term can’t capture the fluid nature of these formations; their multiple ‘identities’; the undefined degree to which they are requiring commitment (not); the lowest common denominator of members being — as low as it gets. We are free to be free online, participate to the extent we desire. Those flocks of birds…

At the same time, as Social Info Processing Theory has argued, we do develop intense bonds and connections online, sometimes even hyperpersonal relationships. The emotional is essential online.

One of the biggest lessons for non and for-profits: Creating Shared Value. This is something that public media organizations have done for decades. Are public media now being (spontaneously) created online? Since, as Shirky would claim: We have an innate desire to create and share — for value.

Yet, there are very concrete limitations to this creation. Access, freedom of expression, internet governance. Right now, the new models of who gets to decide about the Internet are being discussed in Dubai. And even the groups of Digital Dissidents and Media Reformers (e.g. Internet Freedom activists) are quite exclusive, predominantly white, male, Western

What could we do as scholars? WHAT WOULD BE YOUR TOPICS OF RESEARCH — WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW? And should we engage in (political/ideological) discussions and debates about online communities? What kind of communities should we form?

We’ve only scratched the surface. Please consider this blog, the Dropbox and the google docs as your repository of great ideas, examples, comments, sources that you can refer back to in your future studies. Thank you for creating this!

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