@GDM_Course: About

This blog is a collaborative, co-learning initiative for the course Global Communication and Digital Media: Building Communities a Master’s program in Media and Global Communication, of the University of Helsinki, Department of Communication, 29 October thru 16 December 2012.

This course examines international, transnational, and global digital participation in a variety of communities, ranging issue-driven temporary groups on social media platforms, to various fan communities, to free online educational communities, to social justice communities and action groups. Although based on WordPress, the course will explore several social media platforms as educational spaces (see, e.g. Twitter: @GDM_Course).

We will also ‘go to’  a virtual excursion to a non-profit organization working on global issues.

The idea is to form a learning community to explore a moving target together. The facilitators of the course are:

Minna Aslama Horowitz (minna.aslama@helsinki.fi, Twitter @aslama, Skype minski.aslama) and

Tijana Stolic (tijana.stolic@helsinki.fi).

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